Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Start On A Gentleman

I started "A Gentleman" this weekend, and here is my progress. I chose to work him in the exact same fabric and colors as my Lady. I had a real hard time deciding on the color combination for his clothes, but this is what I ended up it coordinated well with The Lady's dress.

I am enjoying working on him as much as the Lady, what a great artist Nathalie is.

Thanks again, Petra and Amy :)


  1. Mr. Darcy I presume? LOL He looks great!!

  2. I think you have done a wonderful job choosing colours for "A Gentleman", he looks very handsome and I think it is good to co ordinate him with My Lady. Beautiful work ~

  3. Thanks sooo much!

    I was really nervous because I couldn't find as many color variations on Jardin Prive for the Gentleman as I did for the Lady, so I had to wing it...LOL no cheat sheets :)

    Mr Darcy indeed! LOL


  4. Is that coat Navy?
    I'm having a love affair with navy clothes right now--he looks so distinguished!

  5. He is very wonderful!