Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Getting There....

Quaker Lady Sal

I'm going to have to go to the LNS (Oh, Darn!) for more purple silk.... Hope I can find the same dye lot!
Barb in Syracuse

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Lady's progress...

I have let myself get distracted with other stuff but did put some stitches in My Lady this weekend. I do love the colors (DMC 930/932) and it has been a good stitch. Just need to get busy and get it finished! They all look great and kudos to all of the finishes!

Karen T

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Finished

I finished the Lady.

I really enjoyed this project and cannot wait to start her gentleman. I loved my color scheme and even brought in GAST "Dungarees" for the alphabet, which I am glad that I decided to include.

I am loving everyone's progress and colors :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Some progress

Hi all~
I have been bad about posting my progress. As you can see I have been stitching on this lovely design quite a bit. Mycolors are not showing up as nicely as they look in person. After seeing all the wonderful color choices for the Lady I am re-thinking how I will do the Gentleman, even though they won't exctly match I think I will use 5+ colors. Thanks for looking! Nancy


Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little progress

Hi, everyone. I've made a little progress. I look forward to his appearance.

Happy Stitching :D

Monday, September 21, 2009

a little bit of progress

I've gotten behind as usual...I don't know any other way, it seems. But I do love seeing the progress and finish pics. I hope to get mine done this week if it keeps on raining like it has been :) I think these are all the colors I've settled on; changed my green to dmc 502 and like it much better; also added 754 for flesh and will scatter it here and there instead of white.
happy stitching all from alabama

I caved!

good morning all!
I have been watching this pattern progress from the day I first saw it! I fell in love with it that day, but waited to order. I then went to my son & DIL's house for 10 days, to help my DIL care for their infant triplets. I got home Sat. evening & got caught up around here over the weekend.
I just ordered the pattern & can't wait to see it arrive in my inbox, so that I can start gathering my supplies to join you in stitching!
Thanks for the invitation Amy!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I've finished!!!

I finished her up this afternoon & I'm very happy with how she turned out. In case anyone is interested in the colors, this is what I used: GAST Cinnamon, Dungarees, Grape Leaf, Crabapple (Limited Edition color), WDW Red Pear & WDW Peach Fuzz (for her arms, face & legs). It's stitched on 32 ct. Antique Ivory Belfast. As you can see, I changed the ABC to my initials & left off the alphabet. I can't wait to get a frame and get her on the wall! It was a fun & fairly quick stitch!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lisa's made a start

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa and I've just joined your group. I'm amazed at all the variations of My Lady's Quaker, they're all lovely. I've had mine kitted up for a week now, but have just managed to get some time today to make a small start,

here's my 1st progress picture

I am stitching on 28ct ivory jobelan, with DMC threads. I will try to post updates every weekend, thanks for looking

Meredith's small progress

Hello everyone! Here is a picture of the small amount of progress I've made on My Lady this last week. Hope to get a few more motifs done this weekend (after my son's football game and my daughter's Daisy Scout meeting today and a birthday party know how it goes!!) All of your pieces are just beautiful!!

Have a great weekend! Meredith

Friday, September 18, 2009

Irmas Progress 2

Here is my progress so far.

Quaker Lady Progress2

I am really enjoying the 3 colors and am wondering if I should even add the fourth darker purple that I had picked out for the alphabet. Hmmmm...going to think on that one a bit. Maybe stitch up a bit of the alpha and see if I like it.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

If anyone wants to add the letter "v" to the alphabet, I put information that I think will work here. Scan down until you see my name. Let me know what you think.

Yes, often "J" and "U" were missing on old samplers. "I" and "V" were used instead. You might enjoy reading this article about the "missing" letters.


Gentleman's Quaker

Hello Everyone!I am Junko (from Japan). I can participate in this "SAl" and am very glad :-)
I started this "Gentleman's Quaker " on August 31 (my birthday)

Here is my progress
(I advance a little more now) :

Thank you to Amy & Petra for starting this SAL.

Linen // Weeks Dye Linen 35ct Parchment
fils // DMC 931,310


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Quaker Lady

Hi ~ My name is Lenna.
I am new here I joined Sunday night.
I downloaded my charts and started stitching.
I got the lady stitched yesterday.

I did have to frog part of her skirt outline,
one hand and part of her face
but she is done.

I still have to stitch the flowers in the skirt
and two green areas, also.

I will try and add a photo tonight.
She has been so much fun to stitch.

I plan to stitch the cat
on this one
and the dog on the gentleman's!

I used a hand dyed premium floss. It is thicker
and you only use one strand.
I am using a fabric
I got when Hobby Lobby deleted it.
I bought 2 yards and it came on the bolt.

I have used it for years and it is one of my
It is sorta a light beige, grey even weave.

I will list my fibers tonight with the picture.
Thanks for looking I appreciate it so much.
God Bless ~

Monday, September 14, 2009

Here's My Progress


This is my first post. I've been trying to find the right lighting to show off my wonderful linen, but, alas, I guess I'll just have to describe it.....It's called "Grape Icicle." I just love the feel! So soft - no "starch" to it. Imagine when you were a Kid, at a carnival..... it's the same color as "grape" cotton candy!

I'm using WDW Molases, Waterlillies Jade, Au Ver Soie Purple, and GAST Flax so far. I'm thinking that I'll use some sort of "varigated" iris color for The Lady's dress. What do you think? Too many colors?
Barb in Syracuse

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Lastest Progress

My Lady's Quaker

I changed her skin color from NPI 706 to NPI 531. I like it much better! Hopefully, I'll have more progress to share soon!

More Progress

On My Lady

I am still loving this project, and I am leaning towards adding the Alphabet, but I am curious if anyone else finds the missing "v" odd?


Great progress and finishes ladies!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She's Done!

Finished my Quaker Lady today at lunch and started the Gentleman. Doing a major happy dance here. I love the way she turned out. What a great quick stitch.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here is as far as I have gotten on the SAL. I have a few other commitments to work on but had s little time while waiting for fabric for them. Now my fabric is here so I will have to put this down for a little bit.

As someone mentioned this is a fun stitch and it is going to be hard to stay away from it LOL Maybe it will force me to stitch faster on the other things so I can get back to this :)

I am really enjoying seeing everyones progress!

Lisa S

I have just finished this fun piece. I made a few minor changes to the chart....some on purpose and some accidentally.

I also decided to leave off the alphabet. I put my initials in place of "ABC".


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Petra's Progress

Not much, but it's something! More hopefully this week and new photo by the weekend. ;)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kristi's Progress

I've finally gotten started with this project and I'm so pleased with how she's coming out! Here is my progress:
 I messed up a bit on the side, but made it work. I'm sure no one else will notice! I really am enjoying this project and want to thank Karyn for inviting me along to stitch with you all!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I started this darling project a few days ago, and I'm having so much fun.

Here is my progress photo as of this afternoon.

I don't know why the linen appears isn't in reality.

I don't think that I am going to stitch the not sure what I'll be about the "ABC" on the far left: stitch it, replace it with my initials, or stitch a small motif there.


A little progress

Hello! Well, I've made a little progress on My Lady! I am enjoying this project so much. And, I'm really enjoying seeing all of your pieces! I love all the colors and variations that everyone is using. It's also so neat to see where everyone starts their projects!

I tried to take a closer picture so you could the second, lighter color I've chosen. I hope it "pops" more once I get some of the darker color in there with it.
Happy Stitching and Happy Labor Day everyone!

My Lady's Progress

I am so impressed by everyone's gorgeous variations of the same pattern, it's like being in a restaurant and seeing how wonderful all the plates that go by you look, waiting for your own dinner to arrive. :)

Here is my progress so far:

This pattern is really nice and relaxing to work with, thanks again to Amy and Petra for choosing this project for the SAL...great choice!

I am happy with my colors, as I switched them up a bit and added mauve, so now they go nicely with the colors in my home.

Great progress everyone :)

My "Lady" is finished....

Just the lady.... but I like how she has turned out so far. The colors look a bit darker in the picture than they do in person I think. Not a great pic, but that's okay, you get the idea. Hope to stitch more this weekend!

Happy stitching everyone!

One Week of Stitching

Here's my lady after 1 week of stitching. It's been a nice and easy stitch. I've truly enjoyed working on her. The only reason I've gotten this far is because I've been on vacation this past week and have had more time to stitch. Once I go back to work on Tuesday, I'm sure that will change.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little progress ~ Ann in Australia

This is my progress so far, I am really enjoying this project and hope to find some more Quaker patterns. I am quite attached to My Lady now.

my start on my lady's Quaker

I'm so glad to be a part of this sal and thanks for inviting me. Here is what I call "the first draft" as I am renowned for changing up and starting over til I get it right.

These are dmc colors 815, 311 732 and 310; there will be a splash of white here and there but figuring it out as I go.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi Everyone, I'm happy to join you,

Thank you to Amy and Petra for starting this SAL and thank you for letting me join in.

Here is a pic of my fabric 32 count Belfast - in Lavender Bliss. My threads are DMC black, Wildflowers - color Iris, Anchor 102 and DMC variations 4045. I think I may need a few more colors but I don't have my pattern yet. I may not use the black I will have to see. I can't start on this until my pattern gets here, so I will just watch everyone's progress until then. I love all the variety so far, can hardly wait to join all of you.


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Irmas start

I'm enjoying this chart so much. I love seeing my little lady come to life. Here is my progress so far.

quaker blog


Progress Thursday night

As you can see I didn't get a lot accomplished last night. I am blaming the cat, Pickles. She insisted on sitting on my lap while we were watching TV so I allowed it and had to put the stitching down. I hope to get back to this tonight and this weekend. I am liking the colors the more I stitch. Have a wonderful stitching weekend....Nancy

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Lady's Quaker SAL~Ann~Victoria~Australia

I am so thrilled to join the SAL! I ordered my pattern from Jardin Prive and now have chosen my thread. I will be also using Ecru DMC Aida. Thank you for starting this SAL~it is going to be lots of fun!

Better late than never...

28 Antique White Jobelan
DMC 930/932
Well...I finally started last night. After much indecision over the thread colors, I chose form over fashion and went with colors that will go in my bedroom, the future home for this beauty. I was all ready to use a pink/green combo until y'all posted the My Gentleman's Quaker. I just know I will have to stitch it and I don't think those are his colors.

I love everyone's colors and can't wait to see your progress! So far...I am loving this stitch and actually like the two colors I chose. Happy stitches.

Karen T

Yesterday's Progress

Good morning~This is last night's progress. I think the true color of the fabric is shown in this picutre. I am usng DMC 924 and 926. After I saw the other posts using 5 colors I almost started over but now that I am using the 2nd color I like it better. Happy stitching.......Nancy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just About Ready

I am late to this group. I just found it yesterday and I have received my chart, ordered my fabric and am now going to figure out my colors. Fabric should be here in a couple of days so I can get a start. I have 1 model for the shop to get finished and a piece for GhostStitchers so I am not sure if I will be able to get caught up. Also it looks like it's I am going to be called back to work in the next week or so. Ready to go for money reasons but it's been 7 months of being home and stitching my days away so it's kinda bittersweet going back. Can't wait to look thru my floss and see what I decide on. I am going to stitch on 36 count cream.


Meredith's (small) Start

Hello! Well, I had a small start last night and today. After looking at all the beautiful pictures of this pattern on the designers page and seeing all of your amazing color choices I decided to go with just two colors. (The idea of converting this pattern to 5 colors from 2 was very overwhelming to me - I'm a whimp that way :-) I am using DMC 315 which is one of the designers suggested colors and 3727 which I just liked with it. These colors are a little bit different then the usual palette I would choose but my 6 year old daughter helped me pick them out and I am really drawn to them.

So, here's my small start.
I hope to get to work on her more tonight. Everyone's starts are super! Thanks Amy and Petra for organizing this SAL for us! It's so much fun to be a part of it!

My start 9/01/2009

First, I would like to thank Petra & Amy for putting this altogether for us! And for introducing me to this Quaker. I started mine last night after finally deciding on fabric, 27 ct Cream Northern Cross linen. It really isn't gray. I am using DMC 924(pictured) and 926. The colors are way off. Hopefully I will have time to stitch some more on this late today and will try taking a photo outdoors. Happy stitching.... Nancy

My Colors & Start

So I finally figured out what colors I am using and did manage to start stitching :) I am in the middle of a few commitments so I will try and stitch on this as much as possible.

I decided to go with DMC 3851, 3771,470,3825 ,3828 and I may add in 3855. I will see how it goes. My fabric is 28ct Antique White.

Lisa S



Ann's tiny start

OK, it's not much, but it's all I had time to do last night. I've got several 'priority' projects going right now so I don't have much time for MLQ, but I wanted to start the SAL on time with everyone else!

I started MLQ last night....

I stitched some of the green in her skirt & then went to add the lighter shade of "peach" & it didn't show up on my fabric (32 ct Antique Ivory) AT ALL. I then spent the next hour trying several different shades of threads & didn't like most of them. :-( I ended up using WDW Red Pear for the lighter shade & GAST Baked Apple for the darker. I haven't done any of the blue or brown, but I think it will be fine now. I am also going to use a "peach tone" for her skin, possibly CC Rosy Glow, we'll see. Here is a pic of my big start....

Hopefully it will be okay with the other colors... we'll see tonight!

So, did you start stitching & how much did you get done? :-)

My lady as of 9/1

Well, I managed to get my lady stitched and started on some of the little motifs. I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Debby's My Lady's Quaker

Here is what I have done so far on My Lady's Quaker. I have to admit, I did start about a week ago, but I only finished up the dress last night. It is going to be fun seeing everyone's progress. I hope to get a little more stitching done today.

I want to share the colors I am using. I ended up changing from my first post. I am using NPI Silks on this. I have # 222 for the skin. I am using 223, 208, 904, 528 and 355. I didn't know what to use for the centers of the red flowers so my dh told me I should try 1 strand of 355 and 1 of 474 together for those. Kind of an experiment, but I think it added a little color like I have seen in flowers. I want to thank you all for your kind words on My Lady's Quaker!!!

Today is the DAY!

It's My Lady's Quaker day! Yipeee!

Here's my pathetic start...but more to be done today and tomorrow and the next and the next!

Stitch on!

Ready To Get Started

I am so excited, I have chosen my fabric and my floss, and I am ready to begin stitching.

I am using fabric and floss from my stash, and will be stitching on 32 count Antique White Belfast Linen, using the following DMC floss: #754, #895, #826, #355, #301. I love Amy's layout of how she will use her colors, so I am going to follow that...I hope that's alright :)

Thank you so much, Amy and Petra!

Happy Stitches Everyone!

September 1st is Here

Well, I must admit, I cheated and started on Sunday night, as I was lost as what I wanted to work on. I am doing my piece in 2 colors - purple and teal - on confederate gray 32 ct. linen. I have almost all the purple done in my lady and will now start stitching with the teal. I must get a picture at some point and post it.

Happy stitching everyone!