Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better late than never...

28 Antique White Jobelan
DMC 930/932
Well...I finally started last night. After much indecision over the thread colors, I chose form over fashion and went with colors that will go in my bedroom, the future home for this beauty. I was all ready to use a pink/green combo until y'all posted the My Gentleman's Quaker. I just know I will have to stitch it and I don't think those are his colors.

I love everyone's colors and can't wait to see your progress! So far...I am loving this stitch and actually like the two colors I chose. Happy stitches.

Karen T


  1. I LOVE the colors you chose! Are they the ones she lists on the pattern? I almost went with the 2 blues but decided against it at the last minute because I REALLY love purple. LOL Your start looks lovely!!!

    Shelley in GA

  2. I love those two colors also and almost used them but I love the teal in 924/926 so I went with them instead. Great stitching too.....Nancy

  3. Beautiful colors and great start Karen!