Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Progress

On My Lady

I am still loving this project, and I am leaning towards adding the Alphabet, but I am curious if anyone else finds the missing "v" odd?


Great progress and finishes ladies!


  1. Karyn, Your progress is great! Very pretty. I hadn't noticed that the lowercase v was missing but now it's going to bother me!!! I think I'll leave it out although I did like that the piece was square and it won't be with out it. Hhhmmmm...

  2. Beautiful progress! I know it old samplers the v and j were often left out because they weren't a part of the original Latin Alphabet. Maybe that's why she did it?? :)

  3. but now I see it's on the upper case - ok that is strange!! :)

  4. Very nice...hadn't noticed the missing letter.

  5. Nicole....ahhh that makes sense...thanks :)

    Thanks for the comments, you all do such beautiful work, it means a lot to me :)

  6. Looks good. I put in the alphabet and never noticed that the "v" was missing. LOL


  7. Cynthia....ROFL at myself...I am a bit type A :)

  8. I just checked the chart, and I think that you can easily add a "v" if you move some of the letters closer together.

    Leave only 1 square between "h", "i", "j", and "k"; leave only 1 square between "l", "m", "n", "o", "p", and "q"; leave only 1 square between "u" and "w". That gives you 9 squares.

    If you make your "v" using half of the "w", the "v" will take 7 squares.

  9. Great stitching! I had always heard that the "v" could be made from the "w" and the "j" could be made by extending the i. So most alphabets from way back don't have these letters. However, this is the first one that has the "v" missing that I have noticed.
    All of the samplers look wonderful. I like the color choices.
    God Bless ~