Monday, August 31, 2009

Melissa's Lady

Even though I know the SAL doesn't "officially" start until tomorrow, I went on and got started on my lady since I had a long weekend. She is such a fun stitch!

Click to enlarge

I need to go back and frog a bit on her shoe. I clearly wasn't thinking and/or playing attention when I was stitching. I realized when I went to take the photo that I stitched her leg in the shoe color and not the flesh color. LOL

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to stitch the small half medallion next to her or if I'm going to stitch the cat & mouse. After purchasing the matching Gentleman, I'm leaning more toward the cat & mouse now to have it coordinate better with the dog on the other design.


Excited to get started!

Hello! I'm Meredith from NJ and I am excited to start this SAL tomorrow! Thank you all for sharing your wonderful ideas/color choices. I have a lot to do today to get ready for that first x tomorrow! I need to figure out what size fabric I need and cut it from a piece of 36 x 27 32 count Lambswool that I had in my stash. Then need to do my running stitch all around it... I am going with Moniques and some of your color way...but I'm a little concerned that the 945 and 3774 are blending into my fabric just a little too much. I think I'm going to hunt around in my DMC for some slightly darker colors for those. Oh, yeah, I also need to print the pattern!! :-)

So, excited to start this piece with all of you tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing everyone's pieces progress.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Ann's Floss Toss

I'll be stitching on Vikki Clayton's undyed linen (35 count) using a variation of Monique's color scheme.

I've added DMC 400 (her hair), 310 (the cat) and 453 (the mouse). In addition, I've substituted DMC 356 for the 407 because I don't have any 407 in the house and I'm trying to use up as much stash as I can!

Ann in Louisiana
I got a little bit more done the other day...

My Lady's Quaker as of 8/26/09

My Lady's Quaker

I hope to get back to it soon! :)

Good Morning...from San Diego,California

Hello everyone! My name is Irma. I live in San Diego, California and just a month ago I had NO clue what a SAL was.

I have been out of the cross stitch loop for a while and though I had been reading other craft blogs,I had yet to discover a cross stitch blog. Well, I finally did and here I am. And...I now know what a SAL is!

So, this is my very first SAL and what a cute one too! I love her and am excited to join in on the fun and get motivated to cross stitch more.

I decided I really liked Danieles version. So I went with a variation of her color scheme.

Belle Soie: Noir, Plush Plum, Attic Tea, Strawberry Shortcake.

Fabric is: 36 Ct. Edinburgh-Ant. White

Looking forward to seeing everyones progress.

Irma ( )

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Greetings from SoCal

Hi everyone! I just signed up for the SAL. I'm very excited about it as I love not only the Lady, but her Gentleman as well. I've already purchased both charts and have pulled my fibers. Here is a photo I took of my toss. It's a bit dark because I took it very late last night.

Click to enlarge

My fabric is just a basic piece of Antique White 36-count linen from Zweigart. My fibers are DMC using Monique's colorway. I did opt to go with a slightly darker flesh color than she used. Both are shown in the photo. The paler color is the 3774 she used. The slighter darker color is DMC 945 which I choose to use. Since I'm stitching her 1-over-2, I thought the 3774 was just a bit too pale on my fabric.

Since I recently started a new rotation plan, I'll only be working my my Lady periodically. In fact, I'm having to reorganize my rotation to actually include her now. LOL I did start on her last night and got a few of the small motifs in her skirt done. I'm looking forward to working on her again tonight. :)

Until next time ...


Good morning from Louisiana!

Good morning, everyone!

My name is Ann, and I am so happy to join this SAL (even though I had promised myself no new starts until 3 WIPs were finished) with all of you. I saw My Lady's Quaker this morning on Nicole's blog and rushed right over to Jardin Prive to order it--and also the companion piece, the Gentleman Quaker.

I've enjoyed looking at the various color combinations you're all choosing--I'm leaning toward Monique's color choices, but I'm wondering if she's stitching the Gentleman Quaker and if so, what colors she'll use. I'm planning on hanging them together so I want to be certain that my colors are complimentary.

Looks like I'll be doing a floss toss this weekend so that I can be ready to start stitching on September 1!

Ann in Louisiana
With My Needle

edited to add: I'll be making a slight change in the chart for My Lady's Quaker. On the lower left hand side I'm going to remove the half-motif next to her skirt and instead I'll substitute a black cat and whatever else I need to fill in the space. I'm going to stitch the 'dog' version of Gentleman Quaker, so I think she needs a cat! And besides, I have black cats so it's a great touch of personalization, too.

Question About Gentleman Quaker

Has anyone been able to order this as a pdf? I was going to order this morning, but it reads 'temporary break' in place of adding it to the shopping cart.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Monday, August 24, 2009

My update

Hi from NJ. Amy thanks for creating this blog because without your help I'd still be lost trying to figure out it's setup. Livejournal seems so much easier to set up, but then I guess it depends on what one is used to. OK - so color selection. I've chosen the same threads as Amy, but on 32 ct Lakeside Linen Magnolia. I can't wait to start on 9/01. I might cheat and start earlier though. I read an update on our blog there's a new make version, I'll have to go look that up in a second, but how cool is this? Until next time, stitch on!

Oh Wow!!

Did everyone see the New Gentleman Quaker that Nathalie has just posted on her site to go with My Lady's Quaker?? I LOVE it!!!
I guess I will be ordering that one also on Wednesday. She needs a partner lol

Lisa S

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Choosing My colors

I really love the colors Daniele did on hers and would love to use them. They are silks so I am not sure yet if I will get them. Maybe I will try and pick something similar in DMC . I also love the color she use for her fabric but I can't figure out what she said she used. When I translate her blog it says " The canvas is a 16 Permin son, and embroidery petit point" I am guessing she stitched over 1 on whatever she used lol But what color is it?? Any help would be appreciated.

I will order my pattern on Wednesday as that is when payday is here. Hopefully by then I will have decided on silks or not :)

I am really looking forwar to seeing everyone piece and starting mine .

Lisa S

Missy's Floss Palette

I decided after many, many floss tosses to finally go with my standard DMC choice. I say standard because I have 3 finished designs in my bedroom using these exact colors so seeing that this Lady Quaker will go in my bedroom above my desk I decided to keep the colors all in the family.


I will be stitching her on Antique White Linen. Hmmmm... that blue is showing much brighter than it looks in person but you get the picture!! :)

Happy Stitching everyone!

Debby's Color Selections

Hi, I am Debby (StitchWizard) and I am so happy to be joining in on the SAL with everyone! My Lady's Quaker is such a beautiful pattern and I have finally chosen my colors for this project. I am stitching mine on 40 ct. Sandstone linen. I decided that I too love the NPI Silks as I am using them on two other projects and I just love them. My colors for My Lady's Quaker are NPI 222, 223, 344, 528, and 904. I haven't started yet but am hopeful that I will like them. I think everyone has made such pretty selections and mine is similar to some of them here with a slight variation. I am looking forward to getting started. I am going to love seeing everyone's progress and the different looks that we all are doing here.
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A Little More Progress

My Lady's Quaker

I think the peach may be a little too light. What do you all think??

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Start

Well, I decided not to go with the Belle Soie after all. I stitched a little bit of the Rosebud and Noir, and although it was pretty, it just wasn't me. I decided I was going to go with some of the colors that Amy was using.


I was going to use WDW Baked Apple, WDW Red Pear (not pictured), CC Rosy Glow, GA Dungarees, and GA Grape Leaf. But then Jeanne post her picture of the NPI she was using. It was like a light bulb went off. Why didn't I think of using NPI before?? I wrote down the colors she used and went through my NPI stash. I had some of them, but not all.



I ended up going with 223, 222, 706, 344, 923 and 903. The linen I'm using is 40 ct. Vintage Lt. Examplar. I'm loving it so far!! :) I have also decided not to do the alphabet on the bottom. I'm just going to do the top part of the design. Looking forward to seeing everyone's start!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

my colors (no pic yet)

I believe i am going to stitch her with Belle Soie Noir and Peacock. I love the peacock color and i think this would be a good time to use it, but we shall see. I still need to go get my fabric and threads next weekend at the shop so i can pick out the perfect fabric as well.

Monique's DMC choices, and my floss toss

I left a comment on Monique's blog asking her what she used on her Quaker Lady which some of us liked so much. She responded that she used DMC in these colors in case anyone wants to know: 612 (brown), 407 & 3774 (peach/coral), 3364 (green) and 926 (blue).

Here is my similar conversion tossed on Lakeside Linen's 40-ct Vintage Sand Dune. I used Needlepoint Silks 532 and 532A, 322, 344, and 903. I have a bit of something in a pale flesh tone I'll be using for the lady's arms and face.
I've had some arthritis flareup in my hands this week but hope to start soon. Thanks Amy & Petra for organizing this!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi All from AZ!

I just wanted to pop on here and say hi to everyone! I have my chart via pdf but still need to get my fabric and belle soie. not sure what color scheme i am going to go with, we'll see. i know i want to use 40ct fabric and belle soie silks.

love the colors everyone is choosing so far!
Hi Everyone!

Amy convinced me to join the SAL! She knows I'm an easy target! I'm a sucker for a SAL! :)

Anyway, I'm trying to decide on colors. I have three sets of Belle Soie picked out. Old Crow and Rouge, Mer Bleu and Petticoat Blue, and Noir and Rosebud. Amy says she likes Noir and Rosebud. I think I may be leaning towards that one, but I haven't decided yet!

My Lady's Quaker

My Lady's Quaker by Jardin Prive

What do you all think?? :)

I think I have my fabric/threads chosen!

The fabric is 32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast & the threads are:
WDW Peach Fuzz (lightest peach for her face, arms, the light color in the "flowers", etc)
GAST Copper (darker flower/letter color)
GAST Grape Leaf (all the green)
GAST Dungarees (all the blue)
GAST Cinnamon (all the brown)

As you can see, I tired to match what Monique done somewhat as I really love this one. We'll see how my choices go. Someone said they wanted to do the same, and if anyone wants to use my color choices, feel free, I don't mind at all! :-)

Now to finish some other things before I start it... ;-)
Happy stitching!

Just a quick note....

When you make a post to this blog, please use your name in the labels below. Thank you! :-)

That being said - who is ready to start now? lol ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Leave a message to this post with your email address (or email either Petra or me) and you'll be added to the blog so you can post & share your progress!

Thanks & happy stitching!

Pics of My Lady's Quaker....

by Danièle

You can find quite a few pics here - and you can go here to buy the chart, etiher a PDF file or a paper pattern -

If you prefer to buy a paper copy of the pattern, they will soon be available at Down Sunshine Lane,