Sunday, August 23, 2009

Debby's Color Selections

Hi, I am Debby (StitchWizard) and I am so happy to be joining in on the SAL with everyone! My Lady's Quaker is such a beautiful pattern and I have finally chosen my colors for this project. I am stitching mine on 40 ct. Sandstone linen. I decided that I too love the NPI Silks as I am using them on two other projects and I just love them. My colors for My Lady's Quaker are NPI 222, 223, 344, 528, and 904. I haven't started yet but am hopeful that I will like them. I think everyone has made such pretty selections and mine is similar to some of them here with a slight variation. I am looking forward to getting started. I am going to love seeing everyone's progress and the different looks that we all are doing here.
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