Thursday, August 20, 2009

I think I have my fabric/threads chosen!

The fabric is 32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast & the threads are:
WDW Peach Fuzz (lightest peach for her face, arms, the light color in the "flowers", etc)
GAST Copper (darker flower/letter color)
GAST Grape Leaf (all the green)
GAST Dungarees (all the blue)
GAST Cinnamon (all the brown)

As you can see, I tired to match what Monique done somewhat as I really love this one. We'll see how my choices go. Someone said they wanted to do the same, and if anyone wants to use my color choices, feel free, I don't mind at all! :-)

Now to finish some other things before I start it... ;-)
Happy stitching!


  1. Beuatiful colors Amy. I too have chosen to stitch mine in very similiar colors.Being that the soft blues,browns,darker pinks are the colors of my bedroom so I wanted to match Lady Quaker to her future home which will be above my bedroon desk.

  2. Amy...beautiful choices...good luck with the project!!

    I am tempted, sorely tempted I might add, to join...but alas, I have sooooo many other projects I really need to finish...begin...uhmmmm, both actually!!LOL!


  3. Hi Amy, I was interested in Monique's colors as well. Looks like your choices are beautiful and I may be copying you :-) Thanks! Meredith