Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Morning...from San Diego,California

Hello everyone! My name is Irma. I live in San Diego, California and just a month ago I had NO clue what a SAL was.

I have been out of the cross stitch loop for a while and though I had been reading other craft blogs,I had yet to discover a cross stitch blog. Well, I finally did and here I am. And...I now know what a SAL is!

So, this is my very first SAL and what a cute one too! I love her and am excited to join in on the fun and get motivated to cross stitch more.

I decided I really liked Danieles version. So I went with a variation of her color scheme.

Belle Soie: Noir, Plush Plum, Attic Tea, Strawberry Shortcake.

Fabric is: 36 Ct. Edinburgh-Ant. White

Looking forward to seeing everyones progress.

Irma ( )


  1. Hi Irma! Great choices... can't wait to see your progress!!