Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good morning from Louisiana!

Good morning, everyone!

My name is Ann, and I am so happy to join this SAL (even though I had promised myself no new starts until 3 WIPs were finished) with all of you. I saw My Lady's Quaker this morning on Nicole's blog and rushed right over to Jardin Prive to order it--and also the companion piece, the Gentleman Quaker.

I've enjoyed looking at the various color combinations you're all choosing--I'm leaning toward Monique's color choices, but I'm wondering if she's stitching the Gentleman Quaker and if so, what colors she'll use. I'm planning on hanging them together so I want to be certain that my colors are complimentary.

Looks like I'll be doing a floss toss this weekend so that I can be ready to start stitching on September 1!

Ann in Louisiana
With My Needle

edited to add: I'll be making a slight change in the chart for My Lady's Quaker. On the lower left hand side I'm going to remove the half-motif next to her skirt and instead I'll substitute a black cat and whatever else I need to fill in the space. I'm going to stitch the 'dog' version of Gentleman Quaker, so I think she needs a cat! And besides, I have black cats so it's a great touch of personalization, too.

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  1. Hi Ann,
    Welcome! Can't wait to see your progress as you get started. A Gentleman's Quaker is adorable too. We'll likely be adding him on to the SAL soon. :-)