Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Amy convinced me to join the SAL! She knows I'm an easy target! I'm a sucker for a SAL! :)

Anyway, I'm trying to decide on colors. I have three sets of Belle Soie picked out. Old Crow and Rouge, Mer Bleu and Petticoat Blue, and Noir and Rosebud. Amy says she likes Noir and Rosebud. I think I may be leaning towards that one, but I haven't decided yet!

My Lady's Quaker

My Lady's Quaker by Jardin Prive

What do you all think?? :)


  1. Yes, I had to twist her arm REALLY hard to get her to join us.... ;-) LOL

    If you click on her pics, they are larger so you can see them better. I still think the Noir/Rosebud, jmho! :-)

  2. Yes, my arm still hurts! And yes, click on the picture for a larger picture.

  3. i like them all! LOL but i do like the one with Rosebud. not sure what colors i am going to use, but it will be Belle Soie as well with 40ct fabric.

  4. love your colors. i haven't decided on one yet

  5. They are all pretty but I really like the center one. Silly question, what is Belle Soie? I have never stitched with it before - is it a specific manufacturer or just type of thread. Silk, I'm assuming? Thanks! Meredith

  6. I also like the Noir/Rosebud combo.

    Meredith, as far as I know, Belle Soie are 12-stranded silks dyed by the people who do the crescent colours cotton threads. There may be more to it; that's just what I know from reading the tags on the 2 belle soie silks I own. :P

    This chart looks like so much fun!

  7. I'm partial to the Noir & Rosebud - a little softer than the first combination. But they are all 3 lovely.