Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Greetings from SoCal

Hi everyone! I just signed up for the SAL. I'm very excited about it as I love not only the Lady, but her Gentleman as well. I've already purchased both charts and have pulled my fibers. Here is a photo I took of my toss. It's a bit dark because I took it very late last night.

Click to enlarge

My fabric is just a basic piece of Antique White 36-count linen from Zweigart. My fibers are DMC using Monique's colorway. I did opt to go with a slightly darker flesh color than she used. Both are shown in the photo. The paler color is the 3774 she used. The slighter darker color is DMC 945 which I choose to use. Since I'm stitching her 1-over-2, I thought the 3774 was just a bit too pale on my fabric.

Since I recently started a new rotation plan, I'll only be working my my Lady periodically. In fact, I'm having to reorganize my rotation to actually include her now. LOL I did start on her last night and got a few of the small motifs in her skirt done. I'm looking forward to working on her again tonight. :)

Until next time ...



  1. Wow, everyone is making great color choices! Can't wait to see your progress Mel! :-)