Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here is as far as I have gotten on the SAL. I have a few other commitments to work on but had s little time while waiting for fabric for them. Now my fabric is here so I will have to put this down for a little bit.

As someone mentioned this is a fun stitch and it is going to be hard to stay away from it LOL Maybe it will force me to stitch faster on the other things so I can get back to this :)

I am really enjoying seeing everyones progress!

Lisa S


  1. Lisa S, your Quaker Lady is beautiful, I really like the turqoise and apricot thread. I plan on making another Quaker lady in similar colours! Very nice work. From Ann in Australia ~

  2. Really pretty Lisa - love your colors. Everyone seems to be starting with the lady, I think she's the part that is the most fun to stitch.

  3. Lisa, I love your colors, especially the turquoise! What a fun combination you chose.